K9 Repro 

Pet Scanning & Breeding Services - Out of hours service may be available

Whelping Assistance (Subject to availability)

K9 Repro can offer you our learned & hands on whelping experience, gained over many years. We will be assisting you, whilst your new mum to be delivers her puppies in the comfort her own home.

We will come to your home & stay with you until your new mum has delivered her litter safely. Our Ultrasound equipment has proved invaluable in keeping an eye on those little heartbeats, to ensure all is well as they make their way into the world, and checking that she has delivered her last puppy, so that you can settle her down into motherhood. 

Using our Ultrasound to monitor the event, can also save the unnecessary expense of a vets call-out fee just to check 'all is well'.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes things can go wrong & the need for a vets intervention is needed, and maybe a Cesarean section. We will be there with you until the end.

We will treat your girl & her newborns as if they were our own & our advice for any action to be taken, will be given as if we were whelping our own puppies in the event of an event occurring. 

Any vet fees & call-outs charges etc are your expense.

Whelping Service:     £10 per hour (9am - 5pm) 

                                    £15 per hour (after 5pm - Midnight)

                                    £20 per hour (Midnight  9am)

Includes use of  Ultrasound equipment throughout

Mileage fees are calculated using Google Maps on a return to my postcode basis. A 40p per mile charge applies & is in ADDITION to the above costs.