K9 Repro 

Pet Scanning & Breeding Services - Out of hours service may be available

Stud Dog Handling (Natural Matings)

You would think that 2 dogs performing an act that comes naturally would be easy ... right? 

If only it was ...... Occasionally, due to certain situations, it can become stressful for both dog & bitch, especially if either or both are 'Maiden' & inexperienced.

K9 Repro are able to assist you handling your shy, confused or over zealous male.

Semen Analysis can be performed prior to any mating taking place at a reduced cost of £20.00

Stud Handling/Natural Mating: £50 per mating (NOT Including Mileage.) Fees are calculated using Google Maps on a return to my postcode basis. A 40p per mile charge applies & is in ADDITION to the above costs.