K9 Repro 

Pet Scanning & Breeding Services - Out of hours service may be available

Semen Collection & Analysis

Before offering your dog at Stud, it is important to know whether or not his semen is alive, viable, mobile & potentially able to produce puppies

We are able to take a Sperm Sample from your dog & analyse this using the new iSperm semen Analyser.

 The iSperm mCASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis) Provides clear visualisation of sperm tracks and  Readings including concentration, Motility and velocity

We are delighted that we are now able to offer FULL analysis using the ISPERM SEMEN ANALYSER (CONCENTRATION & MOTILITY) 

The iSperm provides you with accurate results within a few seconds. Using specific iSperm chips and a drop of fresh, chilled or frozen semen, this excellent tool gives you Sperm Concentration (million per ml) and sperm motility too.

Semen Collection & Analysis using iSperm technology: £60 per sample

Analysis when attending for Stud Handling Service/Mating Assistance - £ 30 (Does not include fee for mating/Stud handling)

See how the iSperm works here  https://youtu.be/7exY4VFlmxY

IF we have to attend your premises, mileage Fees are calculated using Google Maps on a return to my postcode basis. A 40p per mile charge applies & is in ADDITION to the above costs.