K9 Repro 

Pet Scanning & Breeding Services - Out of hours service may be available

We offer a Pet Pregnancy Scanning Service.  (Mobile service is currently suspended)

Normal Hours: 9am - 5pm (an out of hours service will apply after 5pm subject to availability) see below

*Dear clients To enable us to keep costs down & to make travelling viable, I have previously needed to visit 4-6 clients a day. In this current situation, I do not feel it is responsible to do this due to the high risk of potential cross infection. With safety & responsibility in mind, I feel it would be in everyones best interest if i only see clients at my home for ultrasound for the time being. This way I can protect us all by limiting the number of clients I see per day by spreading appointments out further. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but we all have to be careful. Thank you for your understanding.*

We realise & understand the importance for your girls to feel completely at ease & safe when we are scanning to detect a pregnancy.  We are very compasionate & gentle to ensure even the most fragile of dogs feel safe & happy.

Why do you need to scan?

Ultrasound Scanning is non-invasive & is important in determining whether your young lady is expecting the patter of tiny paws, or having a phantom. Knowing this information will enable you to plan for adjusting her feeds & organise her whelping quarters well in advance. 

A patch of hair may need to be clipped from the underbelly, with the owners permission, to enable the probe to make sufficient contact with the skin. This will ensure that the picture can be as clear as possible. Scanning can take place from 33 days (from her last mating), although in larger breeds it can be later.


Ultrasound Scan (9am - 5pm) - £35.00 (only available at my home for the time being)

We understand that on occasion it may not be possible for you to come to me (such as emergency or during whelping) & we may need to visit you in your home to perform a scan. We will of course do our best to accommodate you in these circumstances. Mileage fees are chargeable.

Out of Hours service (Subject to availability)

5pm - 9pm - £60.00
9pm - Midnight - £80.00
Midnight - 9am - £100.00

Fees are calculated using Google Maps on a return to my postcode basis. A 40p per mile charge applies & is in ADDITION to the above costs. Our out of hours service is subject to availability.

**Ultrasound scans are performed to determine whether there is a pregnancy or not, & is based solely on my opinion. If you wish to know 'numbers', these will always be approximated & we will not be held liable for any more or any less puppies born. ** By using our service, you acknowledge & accept that we make no claims or will carry out any clinical diagnosis. **