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Ovulation/Swab testing

When the time comes & your girl comes into season, the timing to take her to your chosen Stud dog is imperative when it comes to the mating succeeding in a pregnancy.

K9 Repro are able to offer a service for testing her for this optimum time. No needles, clipping or trips to the vet for blood taking.

We use a technique known as Vaginal Cytology. A sterile swab (looks like a long cotton bud) is gently inserted to her vulva & the cells transferred to a glass slide that is then dyed & analysed under a Microscope.

The changes in these cells determine what stage within her season she is & whether you need to make plans to take her to her mate sooner than planned!!

*Dear clients To enable us to keep costs down & to make travelling viable, I have previously needed to visit 4-6 clients a day. In this current situation, I do not feel it is responsible to do this due to the high risk of potential cross infection. With safety & responsibility in mind, I feel it would be in everyones best interest if i only see clients at my home for ultrasound for the time being. This way I can protect us all by limiting the number of clients I see per day by spreading appointments out further. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but we all have to be careful. Thank you for your understanding.*

Vaginal Cytology (Swab) -  £30 (Please be aware, depending on her cycle, you may need a few tests doing over a few days)

Swab taken from a bitch on Day 14 of her cycle