K9 Repro 

Pet Scanning & Breeding Services - Out of hours service may be available

Mating Assistance

Occasionally, as hard as they try, the plan does not go as smoothly as hoped & the mating looks as though its going to fail.

This can be down to many things: Size difference between dog & bitch, significant age difference (sometimes the minds willing but the body isn't!) Dominant bitch refusing the dog, lack of libido etc.

Don't give up yet!! We are able to offer our services to assist you in getting the 'deed' done using a stress free technique, that has had much success in many breeds, & is becoming more widely used by many people with an excellent success rate.

This method can also be used for nervous girls & shy males. Start to finish should take no more than 30 minutes. Semen analysis can also be carried out at the same time to check the male has viable semen for a reduced cost.

It is preferable if both dogs are brought to me.

Fee: £50 per mating

If you cannot travel to me, mileage will be charged at 40p per mile in addition to the above fee.

Semen collection & analysis at the same time as the mating £20.00

Fees are calculated using GoogleMaps on a return to my postcode basis. A 40p per mile charge applies & is in ADDITION to the above costs.